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Chuck Weisbecker has turned the silent Jivaro weapon into the latest California sport.

AT 14 Chuck Weisbecker began his blowgun career with a long brass tube and a sharpened bicycle spoke. While with the Marines in the Pacific he made another lung-powered airgun and went after bats, snakes and lizards. Once back in Orange, Calif., he took the sport up seriously, began making Fiberglas blowguns with aluminum linings and handsome, sporty-looking, hand-wrapped leather grips. After seeing him skewer small targets at 35 feet on TV shows or during club lectures, rabid converts always spring up to buy his equipment—probably the finest available—and to start new Dartman clubs. Chuck says rattlesnakes are decidedly not targets for the beginner.

  1. slim says: December 23, 20082:12 pm

    Shooting fish in a barrel comes to mind.

  2. Rick says: December 23, 20084:04 pm

    I didn’t know that DEAD snakes could writhe.


  3. Larry says: December 23, 20086:28 pm

    yes snakes will “writhe” for a good amount of time after dead. Even with the head cut off, skinned, and gutted.

  4. mickey says: January 8, 200910:30 am

    seems a lot harder and more expensive than an axe or a shovel.

  5. roman says: March 10, 20107:00 pm

    sad part is blowguns are illegal in ca.

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