Body Sway Drives Eccentric Bicycle 15 Miles Per Hour (Nov, 1934)

Body Sway Drives Eccentric Bicycle 15 Miles Per Hour

CALLED the simplest self-propelled vehicle in the world, a radically new type of bicycle, entirely without pedals, is driven by body motion alone.

The rear wheel of this “x-ercycle,” as it is called, is eccentric; the rider stands on a springy footboard and swings his body in rhythm with the up and down movement of the frame to produce forward motion.

After acquiring the correct rhythm of movement a rider can travel long distances comfortably at speeds as high as 15 miles an hour, according to the two Chicago brothers who are its designers.

The axle of the rear wheel is mounted some distance from the true center by using wire spokes of different lengths.

  1. Firebrand38 says: September 28, 20076:39 am

    You can see a Real Player video of this bike in action at http://www.threestooges…

    In the 3 Stooges short, “Yes We Have No Bonanza” at about 1:07 minutes into it you can watch Curly riding an x-ercycle.

  2. Blurgle says: September 28, 20071:17 pm

    Thank you, Firebrand!

  3. Firebrand38 says: September 28, 20074:29 pm

    You are very welcome, Blurgle.

  4. Peter Wm. Wagner says: September 25, 20108:43 am

    The Exercycle became the Ingo-bike..which I modelled my Whymcycle after in 1988.
    I have made 122 bouncers since. the one in the video:…
    is a large amphibious All-terrain version, which has over 1,000 bouncing miles on its used race sprint car tires. They bikes are indeed very efficient, energy-wise.

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