Bottoms Up! (Feb, 1940)

Bottoms Up!
IT LOOKS like an aviator’s nightmare of a mass crack-up, but it’s just the way one airport solves a “parking” problem. Due to lack of space, these light planes are set up on their noses in a hangar at Boston Municipal Airport, their propellers protected from injury by wooden blocks. By using this unique, if unorthodox method, 15 ships can be stored in the same space that five would ordinarily use.

  1. Neil Russell says: July 2, 200911:56 am

    It’s clever but how many times did some guy come in and say “yeah I’m ready to go flying, mine’s the j-3 at the back”?

  2. John M .Hanna says: July 2, 200911:53 pm

    Its opening day at the Launchpad McQuack Museum.

  3. StanFlouride says: July 3, 20092:02 pm

    I can see why they’d want to do this for winter storage at a field that got a lot of snow, probably just seasonal.
    I am surprised though to see so many sport planes in 1940. I’d have thought it more of a post-war hobby.

  4. Harry says: July 4, 20095:50 pm

    …glad I’m not the guy who has to clean the oil off that floor.

  5. Toronto says: July 4, 20099:36 pm

    The Continental A65 engines used in the Cub were dry sump, I think. So there’s an oil tank, and they shouldn’t leak all that much. I could be wrong.

    I only recently learned that the Cub was originally built in Bradford, PA, home of Zippo Lighters and Holley carbs and several other world famous brands. I passed through there a few years ago on one of my bicycle tours and only saw a small, gritty industrial town – I wish now I’d spend more time there, as it’s got an incredible history. I considered going down this summer with my son, but now he needs a passports to cross the border. Thanks, W.

  6. Harry says: July 6, 20094:52 pm

    I’d forgotten about the dry-sump engine, so you’re probably right. It reminds me of the old joke, though:

    Q. Why don’t the British build computers?
    A. ‘Cause they couldn’t figure out how to make ’em leak oil.

    OK BRITS! Let’s hear the jokes you tell about us Yanks.

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