BOWLING Succumbs to Miniature Craze (Feb, 1932)

Posting is going to be light this weekend because I’m in San Francisco for Maker Faire. If you live in the bay area you should check it out.

BOWLING Succumbs to Miniature Craze

THERE has recently been developed a new game which combines the principles of putting and bowling. The alley, which is constructed of reinforced fibre-hide board, is six feet long and 13 inches wide. With the folding backstop, the game weighs only 12-1/2 pounds.

Another bowling game is played on a table with marbles instead of bowling balls. Although designed as a game for the whole family, it will no doubt be monopolized by small boys of all ages.

“Kurv-A-Shot” is the name of still another game recently invented in which only marbles and a specially designed playing board are needed. The trick is to gauge the speed so that the marble will drop into the desired hole.

The holes on the spiral ramp are numbered from five to twenty-five and the low score wins the game.

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