Boy Chemist “Eats Up” Course in Foodstuffs (Dec, 1938)

Boy Chemist “Eats Up” Course in Foodstuffs

Relationship between the fields of chemistry and cookery is the research project that interests seventeen-year-old Edgar Friedenberg, the youngest man ever to appear on a program of the American Chemical Society. Friedenberg is pictured below taking time off from his studies in synthetic foodstuffs to try a little practical work with the frying pan.

  1. Firebrand38 says: May 3, 20084:33 pm

    This is odd because the paper he delivered was A Plea for the Establishment of Courses in Scientific Journalism http://www-sul.stanford…

    Apparently he just passed away in 2000 “Edgar Z. Friedenberg, PhD’46, a professor emeritus at Dalhousie University, died June 1 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was 79. A scholar of education and gender studies, Friedenberg left the U.S. during the Vietnam era. His 1959 book, The Vanishing Adolescent, a sociological study of teens, has been reprinted ten times and translated into several languages. He was active in the Canadian Civil Liberties Union.” http://magazine.uchicag…

  2. Tim Giachetti says: May 5, 20082:50 am

    Great detective work FB.

  3. Blurgle says: May 5, 20085:33 am

    I’ve read his autobiography. He was an interesting guy, but he didn’t grow up to be a scientist. He did however enter university at age 13.

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