Boys Build Oil Barrel Locomotive (Oct, 1933)

Boys Build Oil Barrel Locomotive

A HOME-MADE locomotive, built by two 14-year-old boys from an old oil barrel, parts of a coaster wagon, bicycle sprocket and washing machine gear, startled residents as it whistled and chugged its way through the streets of Minneapolis.

The builders of the one-half horsepower steam engine are Marlon Nelson and Robert Wass. In the oil barrel they installed a small boiler coil and cut a door for a fire box. An old coal hod and a piece of stove pipe finished the boiler. The frame was made from an old iron bed.

  1. MAKE: Blog says: November 7, 20063:13 pm

    Kid-built oil barrel locomotive…

    14 year olds of 2006, meet your predecessors from Mechanix 1933, you have your work cut out for you… – Link…….

  2. Tim Tracy says: July 18, 20083:01 am

    This is probably the most unsafe machine on the entire website. A boiler is a bomb with vents in it. Especially one this large.

  3. Chuck says: August 5, 20081:31 pm

    The way I see it Tim is based on what you wrote you will never be known for going to extra mile to get somewhere. I imagine your just another button pusher of the New Age,,,,,,,lol

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