Boys Build “Pumpmobile” (Mar, 1938)

Boys Build “Pumpmobile”
TWO young inventors in Dobbs Ferry, N. Y., combined their resources, consisting of half of a bicycle and a four-wheeled coaster wagon, to produce a novel vehicle which they call a “pumpmobile.” The fork of the bicycle was mounted on the rear of the coaster wagon, locomotion for the combination vehicle being secured by pedaling the bike’s one wheel.

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  1. MAKE: Blog says: January 30, 20078:39 pm

    Magic hat, pumpmobile, car steering wheel instrument panel, giant garage door clock and freak vehicles…

    Modern Mechanix just dropped some major past-future view “makes”… Boys Build “Pumpmobile” (March, Modern Mechanix 1938) – Link.A One-Man Show with a Magic Hat (Sep, Popular Science 1933) – Link.Car’s steering wheel is the instrument panel (Marc…

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