Boys Power Auto-Scooter With a One-Cylinder Motor (Aug, 1931)

Boys Power Auto-Scooter With a One-Cylinder Motor

GEORGE WENDEL, 12 and Billy Hawkins, 11, of Detroit, Michigan, failed to find the proper outlet for their speed urge in the ordinary scooter. Bicycles, even, palled after a time, for were they not muscle-powered vehicles of a by-gone generation?

So George and Billy picked up some rubber-tired wheels from a toy wagon, an ancient one-lung gasoline motor, and an assortment of odds and ends, and are now burning up the pavements of the Michigan metropolis.

  1. cATFLAP says: September 4, 20087:20 am

    A week later they both recieved an ASBO. 😉

    Its a sad state today that children do not have the freedom to do such things.

  2. pryapart says: September 4, 20088:19 am

    cATFLAP – There are no laws restricting kids today from repeating this – they’re just sidetracked by other things (media, computers, cellphones), the lost art of building stuff, and overly-protective parents, but that doesn’t mean they can’t.

  3. Eliyahu says: September 4, 20081:15 pm

    Kids can still do this. They just can’t “burn up the pavement” with them. Unfortunately, most kids would much rather just buy something ready-made than take the time to create stuff like this.

  4. Steve says: September 5, 20086:47 am

    So, these are the kids who invented go-carts? Cool. Funny how the name “auto-scooter” didn’t catch on. 🙂

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