Britain Reveals Diving Canoe (Mar, 1947)

Britain Reveals Diving Canoe
Called the world’s smallest submarine, this one-man craft is no bigger than a canoe. Britain built it secretly for wartime attacks on shipping in enemy harbors. PTs or regular subs took it to vicinity of target.

  1. Tim Tracy says: July 15, 200810:33 pm

    Known as the Sleeping Beauty and built for the unsuccessful raid on Singapore Harbor

  2. warren smith says: August 29, 20085:10 pm

    The frogman operating this device would be strapped in for 10 hours.His body was fitted into a full rubber suit and rebreather.I suspect the operator prepared in this way could become frigid with the deep pain of being immersed in ice water for such a long period.I have personally participated in a experiment where I was fitted into a rubber suit and RG-UFM rebreather.I was entered into a tank filled with freezing iced water and was removed for recovery after 3 hours forced immersion.At that stage my fully rubbered body was frigid and I was almost unconscious.

  3. tonyf says: January 20, 200912:32 pm

    Is there evidence to show that the MSC was built especially for Op Rimau. So far as I am aware, first thoughts on this canoe go back to 1942. Op Rimau commenced in September 1944. There is a goodly amount of time between these two dates and whilst research was carried out in UK, the operation was launched, with mainly Australian servicemen. The ties that bind are extremely slender but no doubt there is someone with greater knowledge.

  4. Quentin Rees says: April 26, 20097:38 am

    The comments 1 and 2 are not totally accurate.
    Suggest take look at info on the MSC within ‘The Cockleshell Canoes: British Military Canoes of World War Two (ISBN 978-1-84868-065-4).

    This chronicals the entire history and development without getting too deep ( its a very big subject if you get down to the minut tehy stuff). Lots of new previously unpublished and rare photos.

    Tony F knows well he is correct in what he is saying but at the time of writing had not had sight of the above book.

    This is an extremely interesting story in itself, this was clandestine warfare and the tory behind this and other ‘cockles’ has remained untold.. until now. Hope this helps.

  5. Quentin Rees says: April 26, 20097:40 am

    ps that should be chronicles dimwit! ­čÖé

  6. quentin rees says: May 7, 20094:57 pm

    This book was first published FOUR months ago in December 2008. The second reprint is MAY 2009! 320 p[ages and 143 photos including new pictures of previously unseen canoe the MK10.

    Heavy weight REVIEWS on ‘The Cockleshell Canoes’

    This from Prof. Eric Grove – Review in Navy News May 2009.

    ‘ this volume really is one of the most original, interesting and informative to have appeared recently’

    ‘an excellent and ground breaking work’,

    ‘described in great detail’.

    From ‘The Croaker’ April 2009 issue by M.J.A.

    ‘Clarity of delivery’.

    ‘Rees writes well and his narrative flows’

    ‘a stimulating and revealing tract’

    ‘fascinating and detailed accounts’

    Globe and Laurel – March – April 2009 issue by G.A.D

    ‘remarkable book’,

    ‘ this great and important military and maritime story – which he tells very well’,

    ‘good looking and man sized book’ with ‘stunning photographs’

    ‘Navy News’ is a Uk based magazine highly rated. highly subscribed.
    ‘The Croaker’ is a Subscription only magazine especially for Special Forces past and present ONLY.
    ‘The Globe and Laurel’ is a magazine of the Royal Marines.

    The Navy News does a free on line edition – review is on page 44.

  7. Randy says: May 7, 20096:25 pm

    Mr. Rees,

    Should you not add the disclaimer that you are the author of said book and not a third-party commentator or reviewer?

  8. quentin rees says: May 8, 20096:53 am

    Sorry I thought given that my name is there for all to see I did not need to mention the fact in obvious terms…

    I thought people would have had enough intelligence to work it out for themselves.

    The other thing is I a just posted what OTHERS have said I AM NOT THE REVIEWER ..

    In real terms I am being a REPORTER of news that concerns the thread.. as such can, as well as others report……..

    I see nothing wrong with the post.. it tells others how notables have received the book. It should encourage other to realise that this publication is held in high esteem by reviewers and academics alike.

    for those people who dont have the same background or knowledge base I would hope this might encourage them to delve into this untold story – seems very reasonable to me.

    As the author I am also able to inform others about the fact that the reprint is more than that. It is in fact a 2nd edition and shows it has been successful; i am told its extraordinary to sell out in such a short time.. For those that bought the first impression – bonus! For those that bought one from me direct with two signatures etc double bonus…

    Oh sorry just realised I have advertised the fact that someone can get a first edition signed copy from me direct.


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  10. ninomier Fulofitte says: August 20, 20095:31 pm

    This is all quite interesting, as a mariner myself I would like to know as much as possible like how would it attack? Mine perhaps? or just a frozen human?

  11. adrien domino says: August 20, 20095:39 pm

    I agree with warren smith and ninomier fuloffite you would become very cold if submerged for 10 hours, if there were no weapons other than the frogman himself his combat effectiveness would be almost non existant. By the way it would require a fleet of twenty to be really effective.

  12. quentin rees says: August 21, 20096:02 pm

    Reference the comments 10 & 11 . the Cockleshell Canoes does give the very best history and use to date.

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