British Build Largest Land Plane (Apr, 1931)

British Build Largest Land Plane

THE Handley-Page Company of England, which is building a fleet of gigantic ail-liners for the Imperial Airways, recently completed the first of these mammoth ships, which made a successful trial flight.

Seven other of these planes are now under construction. Three, similar to the one shown here, are to be known as the Western type and are to be used on the continental air routes. The other four are to be known as the Eastern type and will be used in the East and on the South African lines which supply mail and passenger service from Europe to South Africa. Externally, these two types are alike, but the Western type has a larger seating capacity, accommodating forty passengers, while the Eastern type will contain more cargo and mail space.

  1. Stephen says: October 4, 20126:50 am

    These machines worked well, and were used until the Second World War, which finished them off:…
    After the Second World War the British again built the world’s largest land plane, the Bristol Brabazon, which still holds the record. It, however, was the very opposite of a success:…

  2. lwatcdr says: October 7, 20129:37 am

    Wow how fast things changed in aviation back then. Just two years after this artical The DC-1 made it’s first flight…

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