British Invent Midget Camera (Jul, 1934)

British Invent Midget Camera

ANSWERING the demands of photographic fans for even more compact equipment, a London manufacturer has perfected a tiny camera which takes pictures the size of a postage stamp.

The midget device takes eight photographs on a roll of film and is to sell for about a dollar.

  1. latente says: August 5, 20085:16 am

    looks like a 17,5 mm camera…

  2. Ronald says: August 5, 20086:05 am

    Can’t believe it was invented on 1934… how much was a dollar worth by that year?

  3. StanFlouride says: August 5, 20082:48 pm

    These devices prefer to be called ‘little cameras.’

  4. jayessell says: August 5, 20083:51 pm

    Maybe the manufacturer sold the cameras at or below cost and
    made the profit from developing and reloading the film.

  5. Kris says: August 6, 20083:30 am

    today they would call it “nano”

  6. Joey O'Neill says: August 6, 20086:46 am

    Ronald: By that year a dollar was worth…approximately a dollar.

    I think WW2 costs are 15-20 times lower than today and given it’s 1934 and there has just been a recession with deflation, in today’s money that’s about $25. Value! Unless I’m wrong…which happened once 😛

  7. JM says: August 7, 20087:56 am

    Now.. for only 8 photos I don’t see a practical use… or maybe you can have a bag full of these cameras to continue taking.. :S

  8. Professor_Fate says: August 25, 20082:47 pm

    These dirty yellow Brit rats – we’d have drop a clouple more nukes on’em back in 1776.

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