British Ships Get Bomb Shelters (Mar, 1940)

Wouldn’t the overpressure pulp the guy anyway?

History of the RMS Scythia may be found here

British Ships Get Bomb Shelters

To protect a sailor or officer on watch on the open bridge of the British liner Scythia, steamship officials have installed steel pill boxes like that seen in the photograph at the left. Entering by a flush steel door, the watch peers out through slots cut in the steel wall just below the pancake top of the protective chamber.

  1. warreno says: June 8, 20122:26 pm

    At first I thought that had to be a joke, because:…

    But they’re not exactly the same shape. I don’t think they’d do much for a blast, no, but shrapnel and flame could be deflected, at least…

  2. Hirudinea says: June 8, 20125:58 pm

    I bet a sailor or two painted “Royal Mail” on these things.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: June 9, 20128:53 am

    “Wouldn’t the overpressure pulp the guy anyway?”

    Get MythBusters on it!

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