Broken Romances Start Here (Feb, 1937)

Broken Romances Start Here

SO many thousands of men let that bald spectre come between them and the best things in life. For baldness turns aside romance; it destroys self-confidence —it even blocks success! These men face such tragic moments in life—moments that are doubly tragic because they are so unnecessary. For baldness can be prevented if the needful steps are taken in time.

Don’t Accept Baldness

Don’t think that fate has singled you out to be particularly unfortunate. And that unfortunate you must remain for the rest of your life.

For it makes no difference how many kinds of tonics you apply to your scalp. It matters not how much money you spend in barber shops. Everything is useless unless the simple laws of nature are followed. Just as it is true that the organs of the body will not function properly without a supply of rich, red blood coursing through them. So it is also true that the hair will not be healthy, cannot be luxuriant and abundant —unless there is a proper blood supply at its roots. By following certain easy rules, thousands have acquired heads of hair that are the admiration of all. The beautiful gloss, the luxuriant abundance and healthy strength makes this hair indeed a crowning glory, and certainly there is no reason why you cannot do the same.

Bernarr Macfadden’s Amazing Discovery

Bernarr Macfadden was threatened at one time with baldness. The idea seemed intolerable to him. So, with his customary decisiveness, he began the scientific study of hair—and it was scarcely the subject of an hour. There were many, many hours and days and months spent by him on this task. He unraveled fact from theory, truth from speculation. Yet he applied some new ideas and found many of them workable!

The results astonished even himself. For in place of the thin, sickly, straggly hair, which had been falling out, he developed a mass of luxuriantly healthy hair!

So remarkable are the results obtained through Bernarr Macfadden’s new, easy hair culture methods they seem unbelievable to some who have tried the usual kind of “Hair-growers” without benefit. Yet thousands upon thousands of men and women have already used these remarkable methods with satisfactory results.

You may now use these new and successful methods. Find out how to prevent falling hair and baldness. Know the causes of dandruff—too oily or too dry hair. How to correct every hair fault from brittleness to loss of color. Learn how through easy, natural methods you can not only save your hair, but have it grow stronger and more beautiful than you ever thought possible.

Send No Money

All this information and much more you will find in Bernarr Macfadden’s new, completely revised edition of Hair Culture. This book costs only $2.00 but you need send no money now. Just use the coupon below and pay the postman $2.00 plus a few pennies postage when the book is delivered to you. If you are not satisfied with the book return it within 5 days and your $2.00 will be refunded.

The combination price of this book and one year of Physical Culture Magazine is only $3.25. The yearly subscription price of Physical Culture alone is $2.50—you save $1.25 by taking advantage of this combination price. Macfadden Book Co., Inc., Dept. 2, 205 East 42nd St., New York, N. Y.

Macfadden Book Company, Inc.

Dept. 2, 205 East 42nd St., New York, N. Y.

  1. Don says: June 10, 201012:02 pm

    Benarr McFadden again!??!

    Some of us LIKE baldness:…

  2. Myles says: June 10, 201012:06 pm

    Lies, lies, it is all lies 🙂

  3. Stephen Edwards says: June 10, 201012:27 pm

    Bald-faced lies, at that!

  4. Don says: June 10, 201012:56 pm

    It ain’t m’ face that’s bald . . . .

  5. Don says: June 10, 201012:57 pm

    . . . . the hair slid down to m’ chin and turned white.

  6. Cranky_Old_Man says: October 16, 20104:40 pm

    …and so do broken teeth for hitting on a guy’s woman when he’s with her.

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