Broncho Has Bucking Mechanism (Nov, 1932)

Broncho Has Bucking Mechanism

THE display which attracted most attention in a recent Shrine parade held in San Francisco was a bucking broncho that only the mechanical-minded could figure out.

The vigorous and realistic bucking of the broncho was created by setting the wheels of the chassis on which it was mounted 1-1/2 in. off center. The figure was made from laths and covered with imitation broncho-hide to kid the spectators.

In tow of another car, the broncho cut some lively capers.

  1. Mike Brisendine says: December 20, 20075:58 pm

    I guess this was before the Shriners got fllets of tiny cars.

  2. Neil Russell says: December 20, 20077:29 pm

    “Broncho” sounds like a product to help you breathe.

  3. Tuckeroo says: January 2, 200812:02 pm

    OJ’s getaway, misinterpreted and reenacted…

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