Brownie Movie Camera: Color movies cost less than you think (Oct, 1952)

Color movies cost less than you think

You can match this gorgeous color movie —in seven full-length movie scenes—for under $1.

8mm. Kodachrome Film is so economical, less than $1 makes a little color movie like you see here … finished and ready to show.

It’s every family’s movie camera…the new Brownie Movie Camera for only $43.30

Brownie Movie Camera, 8mm. (left) with f/2.7 lens, $43.30. Cine-Kodak Reliant Camera, 8mm. (right) $82.30. Prefocused f/2.7 lens; slow-motion movies, too.

Loads and shoots as easily as your faithful “box Brownie.” Gets crisp, clear movies with true Brownie ease. Film costs are low, too. You can make the movie you see here… in seven full-length movie scenes in full color… for under a dollar. A complete roll of 8mm. Kodachrome Film… costing only $3.95… makes 30 to 40 such scenes. (Only $2.90 in black-and-white.) No additional finishing charges!

Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester 4, N.Y.

  1. slim says: June 27, 20126:22 pm

    Did they take a camera man on their date?

  2. Stephen says: June 28, 20124:18 am

    One thing they don’t say is how long the roll of film lasts. “Seven full-length scenes” is all very well, but how long is full-length?

  3. GeorgeT says: June 28, 20125:42 am

    I think a 50 foot reel of standard 8 mm runs just about 4 minutes. The ad claims 7 scenes for $1.00 and the roll is $3.95, I assume they’re ignoring processing costs, so each scene is about 8 seconds. That’s about how I remember most people shooting with their movie camera, closer to snapshots than movies.

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