Brushing Up With His Invention (Aug, 1941)

Brushing Up With His Invention

DON LEVERIDGE, 22-year-old senior of the University of Chicago, demonstrates his revolving toothbrush, which uses a hand-operated crank as its power source. The young lady is using an ordinary toothbrush which, according to Don, is old-fashioned in the light of his invention. He has already talked 200 of his fellow students into using his type of brush, and has great hopes for marketing it nationally.

  1. albear says: January 30, 20087:49 am

    Hey Einstein! it takes double the effort to use your silly toothbrush!

  2. varun says: January 30, 20089:13 am

    Ah my alma mater – never one for practical things.

  3. Stannous says: January 30, 20087:59 pm

    A year or so later they came out with the steam-powered version and he was out of business.

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