“Bubble” Top Auto (Apr, 1946)

“Bubble” Top Auto
Anticipating that cars of the future will have all-around vision, George Bartell of Detroit built a streamlined automobile with a transparent plastic top similar to an airplane gun turret or “bubble” canopy. Named the “Hollywood Streak,” the car is 48 inches high, 60 inches wide and 140 inches long from bumper to bumper. It is powered by a 100-horsepower motor.

  1. Neil Russell says: February 2, 20086:04 am

    Wow, it’s as though Harley Earl got drunk during the building of the Buick “Y” job

  2. William Deering says: February 2, 20088:25 am

    It was one of those “one piece at a time” cars John Cash sang about. I believe he worked for General Motors and was fired before he “borrowed” all the pieces to complete it. It was later completed after finally getting a new job on an aircraft assembly line.

  3. nlpnt says: February 2, 20085:14 pm

    Take the bubble off and it’d be the world’s biggest bumper car!

  4. discodrock says: April 14, 200811:42 pm

    its “the Homer”

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