Buck Rodgers 25th Century Caster (Jan, 1936)

Buck Rodgers 25th Century Caster
A complete outfit for casting & coloring characters of 2500 A.D.

You Can MAKE MONEY with these Popular Toys

Get this great outfit! Make toy castings of Buck with his marvelous Disintegrator Pistol . . . Wilma Deering, his faithful Lieutenant . . . and Killer Kane, the arch-criminal of the 25th Century. Paint your castings in bright, lifelike colors. Make all the toys you want. Sell them at a big profit! Millions of people are interested in Buck’s adventures . . . and follow them daily in newspapers and radio. Start your own toy business with this complete outfit. Make real money.

Complete Outfit $2.50

Each Buck Rogers Caster comes in large attractive box with full color cover showing Buck’s adventures. Includes complete set of moulds for making 3 big figures: The Weird Depth Man, Buck Rogers himself, and Dr. Huer, the inventor. Set also includes mould handles, clamps, a large supply of lead, ladle, 4 cans of paint and 2 brushes.

Buck Rogers Extra Moulds

Strange 25th Century creatures . . . speedy Interplanetary Rocket Ships . . . and friends and enemies of Buck and Wilma. You can make them all with Extra Moulds at $1.00. Three large figures in each mould except the big Buck Rogers Flagship. Complete list in coupon.

Make Over 200 Toys an Hour

It doesn’t take long to make enough toys to pay for your Buck Rogers Caster and start saving money.

Ideal Gifts
Get a Buck Rogers Caster for Christmas! Or if you get it early make toys for Christmas gifts.

How to Buy
See Buck Rogers Caster at Toy Dealers or Hardware and Department Stores. If they can’t supply you, order your choice of outfits on the coupon below. Send postpaid in U. S.

Jobbers! Dealers!
Fill your stocks now.
Buck Rogers Caster Is Made by the Makers of JUNIOR CASTER

  1. Stannous says: June 26, 20061:13 pm

    $30.99 on ebay! (looks like just the Buck mold, not the whole kit) and the present high bidder will likely go to $80.00 using a snipe program (based on past bids)
    Item # 190001331628


  2. MAKE: Blog says: June 28, 20069:57 pm

    MAKE your own Buck Rodgers 25th century figures……

    I really like this 1933 ad, they sold kits to make toys and encourage the Maker kids to make REAL MONEY “Get this great outfit! Make toy castings of Buck with his marvelous Disintegrator Pistol . . . Wilma……

  3. Boing Boing says: June 28, 200610:31 pm

    Ad from 1936: Make and sell your own Buck Rogers figs…

    I love this 1936 ad for a make-your-own-Buck-Rogers-figurines kit. The company encourages you to take the kit, make 200 figs per hour, and turn then sell them. Try to imagine a company today with that business model: “Make your own Disney figurines an…

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  5. Needcoffee.com says: July 5, 20061:28 am

    Buck Rogers Toy Castings Ad: Fascinating! Educational!…

    Modern Mechanix has posted a scan of a great full-page ad from 1936 where you can make your own toy castings and then turn around and sell them. “You can MAKE MONEY with these popular toys,” the ad promises.
    I see in the trackbacks that Boing …

  6. andry says: May 7, 20092:23 pm

    FrvrL4 comment2 ,

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