Build a Novel Cigarette Automat (Feb, 1938)

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Novel Cigarette Automat

YOU probably never saw a real live bird that looked like this one, but then you never saw a real live bird do what this one does. When you want a cigarette he bobs down and comes up with one in his beak, just like that. Unlike most trick cigarette boxes, this one won’t be discarded very soon because you and your friends will never get tired of having cigarettes handed to you in this novel manner.

The entire cigarette box can be made with ordinary hand tools, although a power jigsaw will simplify cutting out the bird. The drawer, cylinder end blocks and bird are all made of 1/2-inch stock, everything being 1/4-inch stock. First make the 7-1/2 by 3-1/2-inch bottom compartment, the sides of which are 5/8 inch high. Set sides about 1/8 inch in from edge of bottom piece. Make main board shown in the perspective and cut slots.

The drawer is next. First drill the hole, then make parallel saw cuts for the trough, using a chisel to finish. The cigarette hopper should now be made a good fit around the drawer, yet allowing the drawer to slide freely.

Transfer the bird design to wood by means of 1/2-inch squares, cut out, and then taper beak to about 1/4 inch at end. Cut out tail and attach.

The parts are now ready for assembling. Procure or turn a wooden cylinder 1-3/8 inch in diameter by 2 inches long and on this mount the bird. This is done by cutting the heads off two six-penny finishing nails and driving them into both cylinder and bird in the manner shown. Mount cylinder in Slot “A” between end blocks shown in detail, using two nails as pivots with the heads cut off. On the under side of the cylinder glue and nail a 1/4 by 1/2 by 2-inch strip of wood to act as a stop.

After fastening the hopper to the working board and inserting the drawer, connect the spring and cord as shown in photos 1 and 2. Now tilt birds as if to pick up cigarette. The drawer will probably come out too far and to remedy this shave off the corner of the stop and shorten the cord until drawer opens the correct distance for bird to function properly.

With this accomplished, tack the end of the cord permanently in place and fasten the working board over the bottom compartment. Decorate the bird with enamel, blue with white wings and eye-balls being a good combination if the rest of the box is done in walnut or mahogany.

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    Build a novel cigarette automat…

    Don’t need to smoke to want to build this automat duck, I’ve seen fun rolled up fortune cookie like cigarette messages and artwork the same size, Modern Mechanix 1938 – “YOU probably never saw a real live bird that……

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