Build your own JET ENGINE! (Jan, 1952)

Build your own JET ENGINE!

Order these plans today
1. Jet Propelled Bicycle, Assemble your own. Photo and instructions, $1.00
2. How to make experimental jet engines. Seven sheets drawings with information and instructions $2.95
3. Both of above in one order $3.75.
SEND NO MONEY. Order both at once $3.75 C.O.D in USA plus c.o.d postage.
Send check or Money Order and we pay postage. Get other information too. Rush Order.

J. Houston Maupin, Dept. 55, Tipp City, Ohio

  1. Richard says: January 27, 20065:05 pm

    Does anyone still have any of these plans. I’d like to see them.

  2. Dexter says: September 11, 200712:40 pm

    Can i hev some informaion to make make own jet-engine for mij cycle please.

    Great thanks, Dexter (NL)

  3. Anne says: April 9, 200811:10 am

    That looks quite safe…

  4. techraptor says: May 31, 20085:18 am

    Well ther are tons of websites.You can build a basic jet if you want to.but it my get too hot sit on it.

  5. JMyint says: May 31, 20087:00 am

    Here is one in action…

  6. Tim Tracy says: July 15, 20082:18 am

    I can distinctly recall ordering plans for a similar engine and receiving plans for a device that couldn’t possibly work even if you were able to put it together

  7. ranga says: August 15, 20093:20 am

    i want to know to know more details regarding building my own jet engine can you send it to my mail…… i will be very grateful if you do so.

    thanking you,

  8. -DOUG- says: August 15, 20096:40 am

    Here’s one people have built. Rather commonly used to power a gokart, shopping cart, etc.…

  9. Firebrand38 says: August 15, 200912:55 pm

    Here’s a link to a zip file with the jet engine plans http://www.pulse-jets.c…

  10. jeff tornow says: January 2, 20115:23 pm

    Houston Maupin, AKA Bapa. Was my Grandfather I have copies of this old advertisement but have never been able to get a set of these plans. Bapa was a pilot, WW1 veteran, self taught engineer/ machinist he worked for many aircraft companys during WW11 and helped develope the variable pitch prop. Bapa was a hustler he used to take over expiring patents. He hired my dad after WW11 to research these at the patent office in Los Angeles. I don`t know if this was his design or an aquired patent.

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