Building Provides Mooring Masts for Zeps (Aug, 1930)

Building Provides Mooring Masts for Zeps

NEW YORKERS may soon become accustomed to the sight of giant lighter-than-air liners moored to the tops of downtown skyscrapers, for the Empire State Building, now under construction at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue, when completed will be topped by a mooring mast of the latest type.

This new building, which will rise to a height of 1100 feet will top the Eiffel Tower of Paris by 174 feet and will be the tallest structure in the world. It is planned to make this building the western terminal of trans-Atlantic airships.

  1. Firebrand38 says: December 28, 200711:12 am

    This should also be listed under Impractical since the mooring mast was included but high winds made it a bad idea…

    Not to mention passengers crossing a swinging gangway a 1/4 mile in the air while the dirigible was releasing water ballast on New Yorkers below to maintain trim!

  2. Orv says: December 28, 200711:21 am

    Some people suspect the designers knew the mast was impractical, and it was mainly included to ensure the building would be the tallest in the world.

  3. Stannous says: December 28, 20071:26 pm

    Even without the mast the ESB is 1,250 ft tall, 203 ft taller than its closest rival at the time, the Chrysler Building.

  4. Stannous says: December 28, 20071:27 pm

    But I like the Tear Gas Candles- now THAT’S aromatherapy!

  5. Firebrand38 says: December 28, 20071:43 pm

    The whole story is in the link that I provided.

  6. jayessell says: December 28, 20074:30 pm

    Check out “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow”.

    There’s a ‘dirigible docks at Empire State Building’ sequence.

    The DVD includes the short made on a home computer that convinced a major film studio to make the feature.

    Oh yeah, Ms. Jolie appears briefly.

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