Builds Organ of 550 Pipes in a Garage (Dec, 1938)

Builds Organ of 550 Pipes in a Garage

Using his garage as a workshop, and giving only his spare time to the task, H. T. Adams, of Ham, Surrey, England, built the 550-pipe organ shown in the photograph at the left. Although Adams, an automotive engineer, had had no previous training in the work, he constructed every part of the twelve-foot-high organ himself, except the metal pipes. The only plans which he employed were those to guide him in assembling the intricate mechanism of the console.

  1. Toronto says: October 6, 200812:53 am

    One wonders how many of these are out there. Donald Knuth, famed computer scientist, had one built into his house with something like 800 pipes. It was completed in the mid-seventies and was “Opus 67” of its LA-based builders. Hmm – wow, I actually was able to google-up a link stating they build 115 organs in 33 years, mainly in churches. So not many home based full-blown pipe organs, I suppose.

    I’d only get one if I could connect it to the doorbell via an autoplayer, too.

  2. Tracy B. says: October 6, 20083:52 pm

    Try this site http://www.harpsichord…. for some pipe organs that are available for sale.

    I’d love to have a pipe organ too, but I’m busy completing a harpsichord.

  3. Rick says: October 8, 20082:05 pm

    Man! this guy has GOT to have the ultimate garage band!

  4. Rick says: October 8, 20083:56 pm

    Hmmm. His name is Adams. Perfect for the Adams family!

  5. beagledad says: October 13, 20086:00 pm

    Now, how to get it out of the garage . . . .

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