Built-Up Shoes Make Short Men Taller (Jul, 1940)

Built-Up Shoes Make Short Men Taller

Short men no longer need be at a disadvantage in watching parades, or in reaching for something on the top shelf. To their rescue comes a New York shoe designer, whose footwear is said to produce an “invisible lift” of one to two inches without sacrifice in stylishness. Forestalling the natural impulse to tear the shoe apart and discover his secret, he exhibits a cut-away model that solves the mystery. A comfortable, skillfully shaped insert raises the foot from the ground without appreciably altering the external contour. Customers include “shorties” who want to see eye to eye with other men or with girl friends, and who gain self-confidence and social ease with increased height provided by the novel footwear.

  1. Don says: November 8, 20078:28 am

    Just like Radar had on one episode of M*A*S*H….

  2. Adrian says: November 8, 200712:53 pm

    That bloke holding the ruler is REALLY short!

  3. Firebrand38 says: November 8, 20078:23 pm

    Calling Tom Cruise, his shoes are ready.

  4. Blurgle says: November 8, 20079:30 pm

    Not a lot of toe room, is there?

  5. L says: April 7, 200810:03 am

    What’s the designers name? Are they still around?

  6. Paul E.Tooley Sr says: April 22, 20088:23 pm

    Can you produce a bulit-up shoe for just one leg? I have a right side with a 2.5″ differential. From what I gather you just build up shoes for shorties. Let me know ASAP! I’d like a shoe built up partially on the inside and it’s okay for some build up on the outside. The ones I had made at the Okanagan place looked like a clubfoot and the ones I had done several years ago also did. I’d seen a fellow with a neat pair built up on the inside. Of course he had about a half-inch difference. I wore boots for awhile, but the interior became too tight because of all the stuff I put in it.
    Whatever, let me know what you can do, or recommend a place online to check out. Thanks,
    Paul Sr
    p.s. what cost is a pair of built up shoes?

  7. Jerry Ji says: May 2, 20093:38 am

    These shoes look good. It actually is becoming a shared secrete between short men 🙂

  8. L says: May 2, 20097:37 am

    Jeri Ji – what is the name of the company and where can I buy a comfortable pair? I’m getting married and really want to buy a pair. Hook it up. Thank you!!

  9. Sue Jones says: September 12, 201011:44 am

    Where can I get golf shoes for a man with one leg shorter than the other?

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