Bull Blinkers (Dec, 1951)

Bull Blinkers keep Joe the Hereford from charging through fences in response to amorous glances from cows in the next pasture. Clifford Houp of Hagerstown, Md., who owns Joe, came up with the idea. Now his bull can look down to eat, but can’t see those fluttering bovine eyelashes nearby.

  1. John M. Hanna says: April 22, 20094:01 pm

    Why does this look like it would a great album cover for a punk band?

  2. Toronto says: April 22, 20094:45 pm

    Heck, “Bull Blinkers” makes a geat band name, too.

  3. fred says: April 22, 200910:26 pm

    Joe the Hereford says “censorship in th pasture is a bunch of bull”

  4. Scott B. says: April 22, 200911:40 pm

    Love is blind.

  5. Eamonn says: April 23, 20092:26 pm

    S&M cow

  6. Don says: April 27, 20099:01 am

    “Bull blinkers!” -Sherman T. Potter

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