Bullet Proof Vest (May, 1962)

Of course the picture implies that someone is aiming at your head. And expecting a bullet proof vest to protect you from a headshot is a little like thinking that wearing a condom will protect you from a dirty needle.

NEXT TIME somebody tries to make a target out of your torso, just chuckle quietly and casually invite the cad to “Fire at will” … IF you’re wearing an L. Barratt bulletproof vest These $90 lead rejectors will stuff off a Browning automatic barrage at ten feet.
FRONTING on a quiet street in London’s fashionable St. James’s quarter is a little haberdashery that specializes in making bulletproof vests for VIPs. Leonard Barratt, proprietor and vest designer, makes his 13%-pound waistcoats by sewing high-tensile steel bars into a garment of heavy linen canvas. He seldom sees his customers, who prefer to remain anonymous. He deals with intermediaries who come ’round with Mr. Big’s measurements.

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