Bulletproof Body Turns Any Auto into an Armored Car (Dec, 1940)

Bulletproof Body Turns Any Auto into an Armored Car

Every automobile in the United States is potentially an armored car, under a plan recently proposed to aid the national defense program. The scheme would provide tanklike bodies of half-inch steel which could be speedily mounted on the chassis of standard cars. Swarms of these “minute man tanks,” the proponents claim, would prove an invaluable aid in combating invaders and parachute troops.

  1. Stannous says: November 28, 200611:30 am

    Sure, add a couple of thousand pounds to a car’s suspension, make it almost impossible to see out, and then take it into hostile territory…

  2. Jalopnik says: November 28, 200612:00 pm

    In This Case, ‘Model A’ Stands for Armored…

    From the “A Tank in Every Driveway and two Chickens in Every Pot” school of thought comes this not-necessarily-brilliant idea. But we do like that they’re called “minute man tanks”…we could totally see Watt driving one of these around……

  3. Daily Clerks says: December 3, 20062:19 pm

    […] Bulletproof Body Turns Any Auto into an Armored Car (Dec, 1940) – Link. […]

  4. brad says: September 28, 20081:08 pm

    yeah bullets could go through that like a knife through butter.

    heres a tip

    se one inch steel, and use HARDENED carbon fiber.

    Than Ill consider it an armored car

  5. JMyint says: September 28, 20082:13 pm

    Hmmm… A 225 Grain .338 copper jacketed bullet traveling at 848m/s would not penetrate a 1/2 inch of mild steel.

    So I would say that this would provide the crew with reasonable protection from small arms fire and shell fragments.

    For comparison an M1 Garand 150 Grain .30-06 muzzle velocity 585m/s, Arisaka Type99 181 Grain 7.7mm muzzle velocity 731m/s, Lee-Enfield No.3 Mk.1 174 Grain .303 682m/s.

    And modern weapons M16 62 Grain 5.56mm at 853m/s, AK47 123 grain at 700m/s.

  6. Toronto says: September 28, 200810:05 pm

    Old 7.62mm NATO rounds were 150 to 175 grains, with a muzzle velocity of 825 m/s. They’d make short work of a DIY “Second Amendment Tank.”

    Then again, a 7.62 cm round (“Three inch fifty”) would be even better, if you could get the tank commander to drive along the seashore.

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