Bull’s-eye!… for telephone users (Jan, 1951)

Bull’s-eye!… for telephone users

In rapid-fire order, this girl at one of Western Electric’s factories attaches wires to Bell telephone equipment she’s helping to make. That “gun” in her hand is a wire-wrapping tool newly developed by Western Electric engineers that fastens the wires better, faster, with less cost than ever before.

What’s that to you? Well, it shows how Western Electric tries to find new ways to produce telephone equipment better, faster, cheaper—because good, low-cost equipment helps you get good, low-cost telephone service.

Since Western Electric is a unit of the Bell System, our people who make telephone equipment have the same “high quality, low cost” aim as Bell Laboratories people who design it and Bell telephone people who operate it. Together we’re giving this country the most and the best telephone service on earth. Valuable always, such service is priceless in times of national emergency.

Western Electric

  1. Hirudinea says: July 14, 20111:56 pm

    Mrs. Gordon reacts to Flash’s confession of infidelity.

  2. Anton says: July 15, 20115:50 am

    Later came the cordless rechargeable battery type wire wrap tools we used for big computer back planes and such.

  3. Toronto says: July 15, 20117:49 am

    Anton – and the manual squeeze handle ones we peons used for the occasional FCO or small hack.

    The inset looks like she’s working on a switch – likely thousands of wraps.

  4. Rangachari Anand says: July 16, 20114:24 am

    Wire-wrapping is used for prototyping – definitely not for mass production. Why would they bother advertising this in a mass market publication?

  5. John says: July 16, 20117:37 am

    Rangachari Anand » Not in 1951 and not when it applied to the telephone exchange http://en.wikipedia.org…
    Why advertise in a mass market publication. I dunno, maybe to reach a mass market?

  6. lwatcdr says: July 18, 20117:47 am

    Rangachari Anand. Actually this was used in production computers and other devices back in the day. Even into the 70s and maybe 80s. Remember there was a time when 1000 units was a good production run for a computer.
    Companies often do ads like this to show how cool and advanced they are even today. Think of the Honda Robot as a modern example. Or ads for Boeing airliners. I just don’t think someone buys a 777 from a cool ad in a magazine.

  7. Jari says: July 18, 20117:00 pm

    Iwatcdr: Yep, I was involved doing process computers (Valmet Damatic) in -84, wirewraps were used in the crossovers.

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