Bus Rider Wears Gas Mask (Feb, 1938)

Bus Rider Wears Gas Mask
LEADING a campaign to impress local bus operators with the need for some means of eliminating the monoxide fumes that produce headaches and cause passengers to suffer attacks of nausea, B. Palmer Davidson, of Montclair, N. J., wears a gas mask when commuting to his office. The mask is a type used by employees in industrial plants.

  1. jayessell says: December 5, 20075:42 am

    Activated carbon type gas masks are useless against carbon monoxide.

    Lithium Hydroxide (as seen in the motion picture Apollo 13) might work, but may only absorb carbon dioxide.

  2. Firebrand38 says: December 5, 20076:07 am

    That and he can protest all he wants but internal combustion engines are going to emit carbon monoxide. Maybe he held out until 1975 when catalytic converters came into use (doubtful).

  3. mrchurchill109 says: December 5, 20078:49 am

    Sounds more like the engines were badly adjusted or the exhaust systems left something to be desired. I don;t think Mr. Mask was protesting the smell in the street more than the fumes IN the bus.

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