Busiest Dashboard Ever (Feb, 1933)

Fifty Instruments Help Run This Car

Collecting instruments to place on his automobile is the unusual hobby of Lawrence Grayson, of Los Angeles, Calif. Forty-one, to date, grace his car’s driving compartment, with nine more outside. Besides regulation motor instruments they include such novelties as a barometer for foretelling the weather, an altimeter to show Grayson his elevation, an airspeed indicator, a periscope, a compass, and a device that shocks a would-be car thief by releasing an electric charge of 32.000 volts.

  1. Stannous says: April 17, 20075:51 pm

    All this is now on his great-grandson’s cell phone, except for the neat 32,000v theft deterrent but that will be in the iPhone, don’t worry.

  2. Kryten007 says: April 18, 20073:58 pm

    “Does it come in black?”

    Good Lord, the guy’s last name is “Grayson” too. Bet his kid was named “Dick”…

  3. Neil Russell says: November 12, 20076:56 am

    Because piloting a car in the 1930s wasn’t enough of a pain!
    It looks like about a 1932 Auburn.

    They don’t mention the accessory headlights with the skinny slots in them

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