For a long time computer ads used exactly this same tactic, though with a bit more tact. “Your underachieving child will simply blossom when you give them a brand new [insert defunct brand of computer here]!”

We tried to joke about it

HIS father and I talked it over after every report card. “Was Joe dumb?” “Can’t he try harder?” We tried to joke about it. But inside it hurt.

Then his teacher made a suggestion. “Other children have learned how to concentrate by learning how to type!” And sure enough, it worked with Joe.

He quickly learned to type—and it fascinated him. Then he started to express himself more freely. His English marks were the first to improve. Spelling followed. Now it’s helping with his arithmetic! Joe may never lead the class. But at least he is no longer anchored at the foot. His Remington has helped him up. And for that we can never be too grateful!

P. S. We really need two!

One typewriter really isn’t enough! Dad brings work home in the evening. I’ve learned to depend on it for correspondence. So first on our “must list” of things to buy is “another Remington Portable”!


You’d never expect to get a typewriter as fine as the new Remington Portable for only $4 down. The full cost amounts to only a few cents a day! New latest model key control Remington is extremely rugged and dependable. Has every big machine essential: standard four-row keyboard; standard width carriage; margin release; back spacer, etc. Handsome carrying case FREE. If your dealer cannot supply you mail coupon at once.

  1. Luc says: August 18, 20073:17 am

    The way the price is quoted sounds sneaky too. Does “$4 down” mean there’s a deposit of $4 and more to pay later?

  2. Charlie says: August 18, 200710:37 am

    Certainly. I think that typewriters were like $50-$100 at that time.

  3. nlpnt says: August 18, 20074:41 pm

    I remember those computer ads, and Bloom County’s parody of them (“GENE SIMMONS NEVER HAD A PERSONAL COMPUTER WHEN HE WAS A KID.”)

  4. Jim Dunn says: August 21, 200711:04 am

    Way to support your kid, Mom. “Goodness knows, he’s never gonna be much in the brain department, but at least now he’s not a total basket case.”

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