Butt-Snuffer (Dec, 1952)

It’s almost impossible not to read that headline wrong…


Bob GILL of Portland, Oregon, ran afoul of the law a few years ago. A cop picked him up for throwing a lighted cigarette butt out of his car window, a deed which is criminal in that forest-fire ridden state. “What do you usually do with your butts?” the cop asked. “Step on ’em,” Gill replied. “Let’s see you step on that last one,” the cop retaliated.

This episode gave Gill an idea. Why not make an automatic butt-snuffing ashtray? He did and it has won Mi’s $50 gadget award. You’ll see it on the market soon, helping us to keep our forests green.

  1. Alex says: December 21, 201111:29 am

    I don’t smoke but I think it would be a good idea to bring back but too bad it wouldn’t work with a diesel.

  2. Stephen Edwards says: December 21, 201111:51 am

    I wonder if smokers would interpret the headline correctly.

  3. Charlie says: December 21, 201112:40 pm

    Stephen Edwards » Well, I’m a smoker and I definitely read it as Sniffer the first time I ran through the magazine.

  4. Jari says: December 21, 20115:03 pm

    Heck, I first thought that it would be for curbing certain noises and emissions….

  5. Anton says: December 21, 20115:15 pm

    Wonder if the name “BUTT OUT” was already copyrighted?

  6. Mike Brown says: December 23, 20117:43 am

    > Wonder if the name “BUTT OUT” was already copyrighted?

    That would be trademark, actually. BUTT OUT was registered as a trademark for an “ashtray device” in the 1980’s by a Grieco company in Texas. I have no idea if the product was related to this device.

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