Butter Trucks Have Complete Refrigeration Plant (May, 1929)

Butter Trucks Have Complete Refrigeration Plant
A FLEET of 12 refrigerated trucks, the first of their kind in the United States, are now delivering butter, meats, eggs, and other perishable goods into the city of San Francisco from points in the Sacramento Valley 125 miles distant. Each unit of the fleet consists of a ten ton truck and a five ton trailer, as shown in the photo below. The refrigerating mechanism is located back of the driver’s seat in the truck; its position is indicated by the vertical shutters which may be seen in the front of the compartment in the lower picture. Air is cooled to a temperature of 32 degrees and circulated through the truck and trailer, both of which are insulated with cork and sawdust. A speed of 45 miles an hour is maintained by the trucks.

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