Cabin Scooter Built for Two (Dec, 1955)

Cabin Scooter Built for Two
Europe continues to come up with new and fresh designs for the small basic car. A fully enclosed three-wheel scooter with a top speed of about 60 miles per hour seats two persons side by side behind a single front door. There’s ample room for children or luggage in the rear. A canvas roof is rolled back in good weather. The car is expected to sell for less than $1000. It has a four-stroke, 175-cycle engine.

  1. jayessell says: March 20, 20079:05 am

    Wasn’t that the car Mr. Bean had in his TV series?

    By the way…
    What is 175-cycle?

  2. Charlie says: March 20, 20079:25 am

    Huh, good point. I have no idea.

  3. Kryten007 says: March 20, 20072:43 pm

    No, Mr. Bean drove a Mini. Steve Urkel, on the other hand, drove an Isetta–which this appears to be (in concept form).

  4. FritzDaCat says: March 21, 20073:41 am

    It’s a glorious Isetta, designed by Italian engineer Preti for ISO.
    In 1955 was licensed to German BMW and sold under this brand, so it also is known as “BMW Isetta”.
    Actually I can’t recognise the model: I can’t clearly see the details.

    I love this car it looks like a cartoon car…

    bye to this wonderful blog and SORRY for my english…. I’m Italian and I don’t have many occasions to “practise”.


  5. rogwild says: March 21, 20075:13 am

    I suppose what they meant was; “175 (CC – motor)cycle engine”.

  6. JohnN says: March 22, 20072:09 am

    Actually, the car pictured is a Heinkel, not an Isetta. Similar, but not the same car. The Heinkel had a much more sculpted shape and more curving windows than the Isetta.

  7. Mike Siebert says: September 20, 20093:58 am

    YES! This is a Heinkel!!

  8. bill says: December 15, 20108:19 pm

    Speaking of the BMW Isetta, one was uncovered in a recent episode of Storage Wars.

  9. Denise says: May 26, 20119:52 pm


  10. JohnN says: May 26, 201110:07 pm

    Denise, you sound like a real genius!

  11. John says: May 27, 20118:40 am

    Denise: Don’t use ALL CAPS when you post. Its considered shouting.

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