“Caboose” Is Tombstone (Mar, 1937)

“Caboose” Is Tombstone

WHEN Charles E. Witting was killed in an accident in the line of duty while working on the Pennsylvania Railroad, on which system he was employed for eight years, an unusual monument was erected to his memory in the graveyard of Urichsville, Ohio, his native town.

Designed after the old-fashioned type of freight caboose, the headstone is mute evidence of the work Witting so much loved. Members of the Urichsville chapter of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, of which Witting was a member, helped to erect the unique marker.

Witting died at the age of 27 in May, 1900. Since then his tomb has been visited by many, attracted by the strange marker honoring the railroad man.

  1. jayessell says: May 13, 20072:42 pm

    End of the line!

  2. wiino says: November 22, 20104:19 pm

    was just riding my bike through the graveyard today and noticed this, and snapped these pics.. that’s how i found this site.. thought i’d share


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