Cadillac V-8 (Feb, 1931)

Cadillac V-8

Sharing in the fullest measure those basic engineering advancements out of which were born the Cadillac V-12 and the V-16—the new Cadillac V-8 offers an entirely new conception of the possibilities of eight-cylinder design. Nowhere is its performance excelled, save in its brothers, the V-12 and the V-16. Yet this finest of V-8 Cadillacs is offered at deeply lowered prices.

Priced from $2695 to $3795, f. o. b. Detroit

Cadillac Motor Car Co., Division of General Motors

The 5-passenger Town Sedan, with travel trunk, is one of the most popular of the new V-8 models.
Coachwork by Fisher and Fleetwood

  1. Hirudinea says: June 14, 201112:58 pm

    V-16!? WOW!

  2. carlm says: June 14, 201110:14 pm

    Today’s 6 cylinder cars have more HP than the 16 cylinder cars back then. I also remember the “Body by Fisher” plate on the GM car’s rocker panels. I think that went away when the unibody construction started in the early 70’s. Fisher built the bodies that went onto the GM chassis

  3. Tim says: June 15, 20114:34 pm

    I remember the Fisher plate on a friend’s car that was an early to mid-eighties model.

  4. hwertz says: June 27, 20117:03 pm

    The 1930 V16 was rated at 175HP (reportedly dynoed closer to 200HP..), but it had 330 foot pounds of torque at 1200-1500RPM. So, actually better than most V6es, since torque is what actually determines acceleration. Of course at around 7.5 liters it should be 8-).

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