CADILLAC (Oct, 1931)

Remember when Cadillac had style? Well, I don’t, but this sure is a nice ad.


To sit at the wheel of the Cadillac V-16 is really an exceptional experience — for there is no precedent at all for what this car does, nor for the manner in which it does it. The V-16 was planned, of course, as an entirely new embodiment of motoring luxury; and not a single tradition or limitation was permitted to influence its design. As a result, it is a highly individualized creation—a car so irresistibly inviting in appearance, so superbly behaved in action that it must inevitably revolutionize your highest opinion of motoring. Lest we seem overly enthusiastic in the telling, may we suggest that your Cadillac-La Salle dealer will gladly arrange to demonstrate the truth of these statements?

  1. nlpnt says: February 15, 20086:34 pm

    Cadillac stayed with the funeral-formal look from the ’70s for far too long

  2. another says: February 28, 20087:22 pm

    compared to the Duesenberg, and the Marmon V16’s, the Cadillacs were under powered.…


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