Call Indicator for Telephone (May, 1931)

Call Indicator for Telephone
THE numbers dialed on automatic telephones can now be recorded on a call indicator device invented by William Green-berg of Portland, Ore. In the center of the regular telephone dial is a space where the numbers being dialed are reproduced, showing what number is being called, and warning immediately of any error. Pressing a small button at the top of the device clears the figures for the next call.

  1. G. L. Tyrebyter says: September 8, 201111:37 pm

    It’s funny what was considered an automatic telephone at the time. Not that the phone automatically dialed the number. You could dial the number yourself instead of having the operator at the central office connect you. Rotary dial phones were high tech in 1930

  2. Casandro says: September 9, 20111:07 pm

    What else should an automatic telephone be? If it would dial the number for you, how would you tell it what number you wanted? By punching in a number? And if your number space is heavily used, you’d end up punching in a number just as long as the original number.

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