Calling Card Introduces Salesman—and Product (Aug, 1939)

Calling Card Introduces Salesman—and Product

Calling cards made of metal introduce salesmen for a new zinc-alloy product to prospective customers. Paper-thin, each card bears on the reverse side data on the composition and properties of the metal, while the card itself illustrates the precision that is now attainable in zinc-alloy die casting. A pressure of 4,800 pounds to the square inch is required to raise the lettering on both sides of the card, as shown in the illustrations at the left. Intricate technical difficulties have heretofore made the pressure casting of such a thin product impractical.

  1. Mike Brisendine says: November 9, 20072:57 pm

    This is a product that makes me scratch my head. The right angle corners on the card could do some serious damge. But I’m wondering why they made the card.

  2. Marine Tanker says: November 9, 20076:55 pm

    To show off progress in manufacturing.

  3. Blurgle says: November 9, 20079:16 pm

    Ninja weapon technology has certainly advanced since 1939.

  4. nlpnt says: November 11, 200712:30 pm

    (Naruto voice) Metal-Business-Card JUTSU!!!!

  5. Orv says: November 15, 20078:21 pm

    Having worked at a manufacturing company, I can tell you that suppliers are always handing out odd little promotional widgets like this to publicize their latest product advances. Visit a purchasing manager at a manufacturer and you’ll probably find all sorts of strange geegaws on his desk.

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