Camel Ad: Dancing on Glass (Jun, 1933)

Thank god for an honest tobacco company exposing all those evil liars. Finally someone who’s on my side!

Dancing on Glass


In India, the fakirs present a spectacle to tourists. Two lovely performers appear, throw jagged pieces of glass into a box already filled with broken glass. They step barefooted into the box and do an Oriental dance—uninjured.

Before appearing the performers toughen their feet in a solution of alum water and rub them with pulverized resin. They throw the sharp glass around the edges of the platform. The glass on which they actually do dance has the edges rounded off. They just pretend to dance on the sharp glass.

One of the tricks of cigarette advertising is to pretend that “Heat Treatment” is an exclusive process, making one cigarette better than any other.

EXPLANATION: All cigarette manufacturers use heat treatment. The first Camel cigarette ever made, and every one of the billions of Camels produced since,has received the necessary heat treatment. Harsh, raw tobaccos require intensive processing under high temperatures. The more expensive tobaccos, which are naturally mild, call for only a moderate application of heat.

It is a fact, well known by leaf tobacco experts, that Camels are made from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE tobaccos than any other popular brand.

Try Camels. Judge them critically. Compare them with others for mildness, for throat-ease, for good taste. They’ll win you!



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  1. Caya says: April 2, 20077:13 am

    It’s interesting how these “Indian dancing girls” are as white as the folks watching them. Of course accuracy is not the goal of that photo- selling cigarettes with a little sexy display is. It would be taboo back then for dark-skinned women to be an object of lust for pure, Aryan folks like them, so they had to use white girls. Note the picture of the woman smoking the cigarette in the lower photo- it’s there purely for shock value, according to the social codes of the times. Yet everything is packaged for acceptance- you have nice upper-class ladies watching the ladies dance, even a matron is watching. Everybody is nice and white; it’s all safe and yet daring at the same time, like going slumming and watching the natives from your air-conditioned Cadillac.

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