Camel Ad: The doctor makes his rounds (Sep, 1946)

The doctor makes his rounds

Wherever he goes he is welcome. His satisfactions in life are reflected in the smiling faces of youngsters like this one below, and of countless others whom he has long attended. Yes, the doctor represents an honored profession … his professional reputation and his record of service are his most cherished possessions.

According to a recent Nationwide survey: More DOCTORS SMOKE CAMELS THAN ANY OTHER CIGARETTE

“What cigarette do you smoke, Doctor?”

That was the gist of the question put to 113,597 doctors in a recent survey by three independent research groups.

More doctors named Camels than any other cigarette.

If you’re a Camel smoker, this definite preference for Camels among physicians will not surprise you. If not, then try Camels.

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  1. Hirudinea says: May 2, 20115:13 pm

    More doctors smoke Camels than any other ciggarette? So I guess that means they’ll be very familiar with cancer treatment.

  2. John says: May 2, 20116:03 pm

    Hirudinea: Wow! You know that smoking is bad for you. Now go back to 1946 and make a difference.

  3. Mcubstead says: May 2, 20116:16 pm

    Cool , this advertisement so clear illustrates how attitudes and opinions change over time. Today does any one really care what product a doctor uses? Come to think of it, the “T-Zone” reference today would likely cause people to ask if it was a real medical term, I suspect in 46 they just assumed that it was.

  4. Mike says: May 2, 20116:38 pm

    I am not a doctor, but I play one on TV!

  5. John says: May 2, 20117:54 pm

    Win TV trivia bragging rights and answer which actor used that line!

  6. Charlie says: May 3, 20117:03 am

    Wasn’t it Robert Young, TV’s Marcus Welby?

  7. Toronto says: May 3, 20118:53 am

    Charlie: Nope, it was Peter Bergman, a soap opera doctor.

  8. John says: May 3, 20119:01 am

    Charlie: Nope, first it was Chris Robinson from General Hospital (4:40)… and then Peter Bergman from the Young and The Restless…

    That was a good guess. Robert Young was an Anacin spokesman during the same period (he’s on the first You Tube video as well)

  9. Charlene says: May 4, 201112:11 pm

    I think Peter Bergman may have been on All My Children at that point. He was fired from AMC and hired by Y&R shortly thereafter, I think.

    What’s interesting about this ad is its actual intent: to show Camels as part of wholesome small-town American life. (You’ll note that nobody in the illustration is actually smoking!) The main illustration could be from Norman Rockwell: happy mom, cheerful little boy, scampering puppy, friendly family doctor doing his rounds (anachronistic for 1946), big old houses, a leafy, safe neighbourhood. It’s a representation of what the returning servicemen (who made up PM’s main target demographic) had spent years in Europe fighting for. The message is “Camels are part of this – the secure, rewarding future you risked your life for.” The statistics about doctors were part of the message, of course – doctors at the time were seen as societal leaders, especially in small towns. But the message wasn’t “smoking is safe” as much as it was “decent, trustworthy, and prosperous men, the kind you look up to, smoke our brand”.

  10. Don says: May 4, 201111:54 pm

    Note that the ad subtly says that smoking irritates the throat. Gee, I wonder why?

  11. John says: May 5, 20116:12 am

    Don: Wow, what 20/20 hindsight! Alright already, smoking is bad for you. We get it.

  12. Don says: May 5, 20118:36 am

    John: You obviously didn’t understand my post. Try to stretch your mind beyond one inch.

  13. John says: May 5, 20119:25 am

    Don: Doug, is that you? How’s the search for the ultimaton going?

  14. John says: May 5, 20119:29 am

    It just gets so old after a while. Charlie posts a scan from the 30’s or 40’s and someone cleverly thinks that they are the first one to post a “joke” about how stupid people were back then and how they’ll get throat and lung cancer and emphysema and on and on and on. And I understood your post. I said it was 20/20 hindsight. Try stretching around that.

  15. Don says: May 5, 201110:42 am

    John: My comment referred to the contemporary content of the ad. I was saying nothing about the historical or medical result of long term smoking. [ Also, please don’t confuse me with other posters.]

  16. John says: May 5, 201111:04 am

    Don: Okay, welcome to the blog. Sorry about that. You just sounded so much like this one depressing, pontificating son of a… Anyway, just look back through the other posts for whenever Charlie has a scan of a cigarette ad. Its not just the same inane jokes but the attitude the posters have that they are posting the latest hip, cutting edge comedy. It got old after the first ten times.

  17. Abdul Alhazred says: May 7, 20119:25 am

    There must still be a few doctors who smoke. Therefore there must be some brand of cigarette more doctors smoke than any other.

    I wonder if it’s possible to find out which one. 🙂

  18. Don says: May 7, 20111:35 pm

    Abdul: Great idea, I wonder which one will be the winner?

  19. John says: May 7, 20112:29 pm

    Don: I’m kind of curious myself but no tobacco company is going to pay for a survey with results that can’t be publicized.

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