Camel Ad: WHAT! A girl training men to fly for Uncle Sam? (Apr, 1942)

WHAT! A girl training men to fly for Uncle Sam?

THE name is Lennox — Peggy Lennox. She may not look the part of a trainer of fighting men, but— She is one of the few women pilots qualified to give instruction in the CAA flight training program. And the records show she’s doing a man-sized job of it. She’s turned out pilots for the Army … for the Navy. Peggy is loyal to both arms of the service. Her only favorite is the favorite in every branch of the service—Camel cigarettes. She says: “It’s always Camels with me—they’re milder in every way.”

“Extra mild,” says Peggy Lennox. Less nicotine in the smoke,” adds the student as they talk over Camels in the pilot room above. Yes, there is less nicotine in the smoke of Camels…extra mildness …but that alone doesn’t tell you why, with smokers in the service …in private life, as well…Camels are preferred.

No, there’s something more. Call it flavor, call it pleasure, call it what you will, you’ll find it only in Camels. You’ll like it!

The smoke of slower-burning Camels contains

than the average of the 4 other largest-selling cigarettes tested—less than any of them—according to independent scientific tests of the smoke itself!

Camel – The Cigarette of Costlier Tobaccos

  1. galessa says: March 8, 20077:57 am

    it’s the end of the world!

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