Can women be happy at noisy work? (Apr, 1965)

Can women be happy at noisy work?

Why not? Music by Muzak® is a great way to help people who work under stress.

It makes time fly. Noise and tension are reduced. Music by Muzak really makes a difference. And it helps in other ways too.

For instance, in a study involving 213 workers at a textile plant, 84.4% said the Muzak program breaks the monotony…and 78.8% replied that it aids them in their work.

Helping management improve worker morale and efficiency has been a Muzak specialty for nearly 30 years.

It gives workers a stimulating change of pace every quarter hour. These psychological lifts are precision-timed by Muzak patented, automated controls.

Every Muzak tune is unique-it appeals gently without irritating or distracting workers.

That’s because we arrange, record and program all our music especially for work situations. Muzak programs never use phonograph records, radio or entertainment music.

Important, also—your Muzak sound system may be used for high-quality voice paging, public address, emergency warning, or signalling. A time and money-saving communication system— at no extra cost!

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music by Muzak

Muzak – A Division of Wrather Corporation, 229 Park Avenue South, New York, N.Y. 10003
Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Peru, The Philippines, Switzerland, United States, Uruguay.

  1. Stephen Edwards says: December 21, 201111:53 am

    “Don’t improve bad working conditions; mask them with Muzak!”

  2. christoph says: December 21, 201112:06 pm

    There was a time when muzak was good?

  3. Charlene says: December 21, 201112:42 pm

    I’ve long believed that Muzak was underwritten by the American Psychological Association as a method of drumming up business.

  4. Hirudinea says: December 21, 20112:33 pm

    85% liked the muzak, the other 15% killed themselves!

  5. Mike says: December 21, 20112:48 pm

    Twenty years ago I worked at a grocery store, I heard Stairway to Heaven as a Muzak song, I didn’t think it was old enough for a muzak tune.

  6. Tim says: December 21, 20114:19 pm

    I worked for Muzak from 1990 to 2000 , while they were headquartered in Seattle.
    I worked on the “elevator music” channel for several of those years; at least it was easy to tune out. 🙂
    Actually, one of their fastest growing divisions by 2000 was Audio Marketing (where I was Senior Audio Engineer), that produced advertising for in-store and telephone on-hold systems.

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