Can you compete with your daughter’s “Little Girl Look”? (Mar, 1969)

a) This is just creepy.
b) Doesn’t her little daughter look a bit like a boy?

Can you compete with your daughter’s “Little Girl Look”?

Mrs Willis Peterson can. She keeps her complexion young-looking with pure, mild Ivory.

That purity and mildness, so good for daughter Mimi, is important to help grown-up skin look young… more important than perfumes, creams, deodorants, those extra ingredients in other soaps. More doctors recommend Ivory. 99-44/100% pure.® It floats.

The big girls soap for complexions with that little girl look.

  1. Tim says: October 5, 20119:53 am

    And later in life, she competed with her daughter by seducing her boyfriends…

  2. christoph says: October 5, 20111:35 pm

    What is 99.44% pure soap anyways? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

  3. John M Hanna says: October 5, 20114:05 pm

    Its a little girl, who looks like a little boy, who is wearing grandma’s dress.

  4. robinson says: October 5, 20116:00 pm

    “Mrs. Peterson, you’re trying to seduce me.”

  5. . says: October 5, 20117:09 pm


    and yeah, this ad is all sorts of confusing

  6. Hirudinea says: October 5, 201110:30 pm

    “Can you compete with your daughter’s “Little Girl Look”?” Mabye if your looking for a paedo!

  7. tb says: October 6, 20116:38 am

    Yahoo yesterday had an article about the redesign of the Ivory Soap package. They evidently have planned a new ad campaign. The new design looks back to the original of 130 yrs. ago in black and white. The red, white, and blue that many of us grew up with is biting the dust.

  8. DrewE says: October 6, 20118:04 am

    @christoph — it means that when they tested it, they found it contained 0.66% non-soap impurities. The statement is similar in concept to hamburger meat that’s “90% fat free” which contains 10% fat.

  9. JMyint says: October 6, 20119:42 am

    DrewE, you mean 0.56%

  10. DrewE says: October 6, 201112:14 pm

    You’re right, I did mean 0.56%. At one time I could do arithmetic pretty reliably…but apparently not so much today.

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