Can you think faster than this Machine? (Mar, 1958)

Can you think faster than this Machine?

Be careful before you answer. GENIAC® the first electrical brain construction kit is equipped to play tic-tac-toe, cipher and encipher codes, convert from binary to decimal, reason in syllogisms, as well as add, subtract, multiply and divide. Specific problems in a variety of fields—actuarial, policy claim settlement, physics, etc., can be set up and solved with the components. Connections are solderless and are completely explained with templates in the manual. This covers 33 circuits and shows how new ones can be designed.

You will find building and using GENIACS a wonderful experience; one kit user wrote us: “this kit has opened up a new world of thinking to me.” You actually see how computing, problem solving, and game play (Tic-tac-toe, nim, etc.) can be analyzed with Boolean Algebra and the algebraic solutions transformed directly into circuit diagrams. You create from over 400 specially designed and manufactured components a machine that solves problems faster than you can express them.

Schools and colleges, teachers of science or math, engineering, philosophy or psychology will find these excellent demonstrators of circuitry, solutions in symbolic logic, theory of numbers, cybernetics, and automation.

Note: Teachers take advantage of our 10% discount to educational institutions and for group purchases.

Send for your GENIAC® kit now. Only $19.95 with over four hundred components and parts, fully illustrated manual and wiring diagrams. We guarantee that if you do not want to keep GENIAC after two weeks you can return it for full refund.

SCIENCE KITS Dept. SD38. Oliver Garfield Co., Inc.
126 Lexington Avenue, New York 16, N. Y.

Please send me:

1 GENIAC Electric Brain Construction Kit and Manual.
$19.95 (East of Mississippi)…………..
$20.95 (Elsewhere in United States)…….
$21.95 (Outside the United States)……..

Returnable in 14 days for full refund if not satisfied. I enclose $……….in full payment.
My name and address are attached.

  1. Hirudinea says: April 10, 201311:17 am

    No, no I can’t. Anyhoo, if your interested here’s a link to a site with pictures and a bit of a description. http://www.oldcomputerm…

  2. quadibloc says: April 11, 20136:42 pm

    The same company made another machine called the BRAINIAC… shortly before DC introduced the villain of the same name. This led to a lawsuit which ended up with DC changing the nature of the character.

    The last example of this type of logic demonstrator device was perhaps one sold by Radio Shack into the early ‘seventies.

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