You’ll find smiles that turn strangers into welcome guests, the freshest seafoods to tempt you to stay… and more smiles that say come visit us again.

  1. Blurgle says: May 8, 20081:57 pm

    That’s some smile.

    “Take the picture already, these bags are HEAVY!”

  2. Blurgle says: May 8, 20081:58 pm

    And although they may have the “freshest seafoods” in New Brunswick, where the backdrop to the photo was shot, I wouldn’t put any money on finding that in Alberta or Saskatchewan. Heck, I wouldn’t put money on finding seafoods at all.

  3. mike brisendine says: May 8, 20082:27 pm

    Oh Canada! I sure do miss visiting thee since the US dollar went in the toilet.

  4. Rick Auricchio says: May 8, 20086:21 pm

    “Welcome to Canada…where our bellhops don’t use the handles on luggage!”

  5. nlpnt says: May 9, 20086:59 pm

    Someone really needs to photoshop an “eh” onto the end of every sentence. 🙂

  6. Stirling says: February 25, 201112:02 pm

    You guys are dumb. Canada is awesome.

  7. Kevin says: February 25, 201112:07 pm

    Saying a bunch of guys are dumb is dumb. Dumbness is like numbness. It creeps into the living soul of your being and makes the Canadian and U.S. boundaries further apart from awesomeness. Please be aware that there may be older people reading this. Help one another. BE the Border!

  8. Stirling says: February 25, 201112:09 pm

    I wholeheartedly apologize for my rudeness… I am very fond of my country and some times get over-excited.

    The U.S. is also awesome. =]

  9. Kevin says: February 25, 201112:13 pm

    I also apologize for my over reaction. Many of my friends are Canadians from Canada.

  10. Stirling says: February 25, 201112:15 pm

    Kevin, you are a stellar example of a modern American gentleman, welcoming other countries into yours.

    I’m just really happy that we resolved this. =…)

  11. Kevin says: February 25, 201112:18 pm

    I am also very excited about this resolution. I would though, like to take this opportunity to correct one assumption if I may sir. Please don’t think I look down on you for this, but I am actually from Alaska, not the U.S. proper.

  12. Charlene says: February 25, 201112:42 pm

    Oh, you’ll find the freshest seafoods in Alberta…if you don’t mind paying $50 a pound for them. In contrast, you can get hamburger for less than a dollar a pound.

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