Cancer Treated With Stale Butter (Jul, 1933)

Cancer Treated With Stale Butter

RANCID butter, or rather the chemical called butyric acid which bacteria form in fresh butter, is the newest cancer treatment reported in England by a famous surgeon.

The acid of rancid butter is not to be eaten or injected but is applied directly to the cancerous growth. For some reason, which still is mysterious, the butyric acid bites much more viciously into the cancer tissue than into the healthy tissues which surround it. A graduated dose of the acid can kill and eat away all of the diseased cancer cells without damaging the nearby healthy ones. This is the same way that radium attacks cancer.

  1. Scott B. says: May 17, 20106:29 am

    See? I keep trying to tell my doctor that butter is good for you!

  2. KD5ZS says: May 17, 201010:29 am

    Interesting, much like many antibiotics were developed from bread mold.

  3. Mike says: May 17, 20101:25 pm

    reported in England by a famous surgeon.

    The one that is so famous we don’t even tell you his name.

  4. r peltier says: May 17, 20103:19 pm

    What the hell!!…How’d we ever forget that.

  5. Firebrand38 says: May 17, 20103:47 pm

    r peltier: Speak for yourself genius. It’s hardly forgotten http://biochemistry.sui…

  6. mirth says: November 16, 20103:40 pm

    Indeed it is not forgotten. It is quite promising. Butyric acid’s main problem is it only last 4 to 6 minutes in the blood stream, so current work is on Tributyrin which yields butyric acid when metabolized.

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