Cane Clips Serve As Table (Nov, 1937)

Cane Clips Serve As Table
SMALL clips that can be readily attached to a cane or walking stick in such a manner that they will support cups and plates have proved to be popular with hikers in England. The clips can be conveniently carried in a box or knapsack and attached to the stick to serve as a table, keeping food off the ground away from bugs. The clips consist of a simple metal ring to which an adjustable clamp is riveted.

  1. TomLR says: September 19, 20118:21 am

    As an adult I became skeptical of claims such as “have proved to be popular with hikers in England,” seeing them as hopeful PR rather than reports of fact.

  2. Hirudinea says: September 19, 201110:18 am

    Yep, these things work great, until the cane falls over. (Which considering its not stuck in the ground is about half a second!)

  3. Charlene says: September 19, 20117:28 pm

    @Hirudinea have you never seen an old-style fellwalker’s cane, which usually had a good three-inch-long point on the bottom? Of course they can be stuck into the ground, just like this, and were also useful for fending off stray dogs, etc.

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