Cannibal Figure Forms an Amusing Desk Novelty (Oct, 1939)

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Cannibal Figure Forms an Amusing Desk Novelty

Rubber bands and paper clips never had a more novel holder than this cannibal figure, who stands guard so patiently over an ink bottle, spear in hand. His spear is, in reality, a penholder, and there is a little tray in front of him for holding thumb tacks or pins.

Enlarge the pattern for the figure, transfer to 1/2″ thick wood, and jig-saw to shape. Cut the base from material thick. Rout or carve the receptacles for thumb tacks and ink bottle, sand the pieces, and assemble with glue and brads. Paint as indicated, or use a color scheme of your own choosing. Glue felt under the base to protect the polished surface of desk or table.

The paper-clip earrings and rubber-band skirt may be hung on brads or on small hooks bent from wire.
—Carl L. Sorensen.

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  1. Hirudinea says: September 20, 201310:15 am

    I should build one of these to put on my desk at the office, I’ve been looking for a way to get fired.

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