CANT SLEEP? (Oct, 1932)


Try This Natural, Drugless Way

Quiet Nerves -All-Day Energy Tomorrow

ARE you one of those lucky people who drifts off to sleep almost the moment your head touches the pillow? Or do you frequently lie awake and toss—and then pay for it in a dozen different ways next day? If you’re one of the latter, you know there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than a restless, sleepless night. But sleepless nights are now folly to endure, as thousands of physicians will tell you. For Ovaltine—a delicious food-drink originally discovered in Switzerland—now brings you sleep a natural way, entirely without drugs. Deep refreshing sleep that quickly overtakes you as soon as you go to bed.

In the morning, you awaken greatly refreshed, both in body and in spirit. For this remarkable food-drink acts to restore your nerves and tissues as you sleep. And greatly increases your capacity to recover from fatigue.

How It Induces Sleep Medical opinion now attributes most sleeplessness to these three things:—(1) blood-congested brain cells (2) digestive unrest (3) nervous irritability. Ovaltine has the power to combat all three. First: When taken as a before-bedtime drink made with warm milk, it tends to draw excess blood from the capillaries of the brain. Thus reducing mental over-activity—”conditioning” the mind for sleep. Second: Ovaltine contains in high proportion a unique food property called diastase —a property recognized for its ability to digest the starch content of other foods regularly taken into the stomach. Thus possessing the power to lighten digestive burdens and help the stomach “rest.”

Third: Also notable among the constituents of Ovaltine is calcium. And it is increasingly realized that a proper calcium metabolism is necessary to avoid nerve irritation. Phosphorus—an important part of nerve and brain cells—is richly supplied in Ovaltine, too.

Thus, a cup of Ovaltine at bedtime not only promotes relaxation and combats digestive unrest but also acts remarkably to overcome sleeplessness due to irritated nerves.

See for Yourself From tonight on, say “goodbye” to sleeplessness. Get acquainted with Ovaltine— see how soon you relax and fall asleep.

More important—as you continue to take Ovaltine, note how quickly you fall asleep every night. Note how resistance to fatigue is built up—what lasting energy you acquire.

‘Phone your druggist or grocer for a tin of Ovaltine tonight. Try it—and see for yourself.

NOTE: Thousands of nervous people, men and women, are using Ovaltine to restore vitality when fatigued. During the World War, medical authorities made it a standard ration for invalid, nerve-shattered soldiers. It is also highly recommended by physicians for nervous, underweight children — and as a strengthening food for nursing mothers, convalescents, and the aged.

The Swiss Food – Drink

Manufactured, under license in the U. S. A. according to the original Swiss formula

  1. Charlene says: April 11, 201212:48 pm

    Did Ovaltine contain cocoa back then?

  2. Mick Canick says: April 26, 20124:48 pm

    “blood-congested brain cells”, that terrible problem of having all that blood in your brain.

    Yes Charlene I think it always was a chocolate drink. They also made PDQ drink mixes that some readers might remember. Granule or crystal like flavored drink particles. Came in Chocolate, strawberry or egg-nog flavored. Better than any other drink mix.

  3. Toronto says: April 26, 20128:04 pm

    My name is Toronto, and I am a PDQaholic. My last glass was an Eggnog, about double the recommended strength, in 1970.

    I always liked the quirky ad slogan, “PDQ: Positively Defies Comparison!”

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