Capability has many faces at Boeing (Oct, 1961)

Boeing eventually delivered 102 B-52H models to the Air Force by 1962.  The H model is the only version of the B-52 still flying in the inventory.  The USAF plans on using B-52’s into 2040. In all likelihood the B-1B Lancer will be retired before the B-52.

Capability has many faces at Boeing

FLYING MISSILE LAUNCHER. New Boeing B-52H missile bomber can take off faster, fly farther and strike harder than any previous B-52. It’s shown here carrying models of four hypersonic Skybolt air-launched ballistic missiles, a 1000-mile range weapon now under development. The Strategic Air Command B-52, most versatile long-range weapon system in the U.S. Air Force arsenal, can also carry supersonic Hound Dog missiles for inflight launching toward distant targets, in addition to regular bomb-bay load of gravity bombs.

THREE-ENGINE JET. Scale model of America’s first short-range jetliner, the Boeing 727. Already, 117 Boeing 727s have been ordered by American, Eastern, Lufthansa and United airlines for delivery beginning in 1963.

MINUTEMAN, first U.S. Air Force solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile, scheduled to be operational in 1962, will be stored ready for quick launching in underground silos. Boeing is the weapon system integrator.

MARS DEPARTURE. Artist’s concept of 8-man space vehicle taking off from Mars for return to earth. This space transport system, based on a Boeing study, would enable explorer scientists to spend months on Mars with instruments and life-support equipment. Boeing scientists are at work on many other advanced phases of space flight.


  1. JMyint says: August 7, 20129:28 am

    The Skybolt was an air-launched ballistic missile concept originally proposed in 1958. In 1960 the UK decided to cancel it’s nuclear weapons delivery programs and instead pitch in with the US in the development of Skybolt and placed an order for 144 of the missiles. But Robert McNamara ‘knew’ the next war would be fought with missiles and that bombers would be obsolete by 1970 so he had Kennedy cancel the program. This caused a major crisis in the UK as they had put their nuclear eggs in this basket and led to the downfall of the Macmillan government.

    In the long run it worked out better for the UK in they got the Polaris missile system and submarines at bargain basement prices.

  2. Hirudinea says: August 7, 20123:47 pm

    @ JMyint – I didn’t know that about the Skybolt, well at least it wasn’t a bad as what the Bomarc did to the Canadian defence industry.

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